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AMP Solutions started our web design company in 2008 with one goal in mind, to help others create and develop and high profile on the web. Building a nice functional website is only part of the objective, the other consist of making people aware of your presence and helping you target your market on the internet.

We not only offer website production we also offer a consultation on ways to make money from your website idea. A client may want a simple site to display pictures they have taken. Why not offer your services and allow people to book you at weddings, graduations, sports events, banquets etc.


Once your website is up we can make it possible for the public to find you whenever they want a service such as yours. Something that they see in their head when they think of needing that service. Something that will have them telling a friend that tells their friend that tells another friend and so on.


When you have a website the world is your customer not just the people in your immediate area.

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AMP Solutions has a long term goal of introducing small businesses to how accessible new markets are for their businesses. Ad campaigns [online and real world], promotions, a new look and creative product awareness are very affordable today. Creative idea that expand your small business is more painless then it's ever been. You may be thinking on a conservative scale but just a couple tweeks here and there will turn your little idea into a small business tha makes big money for you. Let us sit down with you and form options for you to expand your business or just to become more efficient and productive.



































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